Friday, 3 June 2011

A couple of my underrated YouTube videos

When I'm making videos I'm not thinking about views, it's just something I do for fun. Admittedly though when something like HEAVY IS HAMSTER or that Saxton Haaaaaaaaaaale video that only took a minute or two to create gets more views than the majority of my videos it's a little bit irritating. So here in no particular order are a couple videos that I think deserve more views!

First up has to be our partial playthrough of Synergy. Sheer retardation shining through at its finest!

This took myself and two friends 2 days, one to record the footage and the next to edit it all together. It's an epic car chase where Luis commandeers a golf caddy and takes to the road!

Worms Armageddon plus my drunken friends equals hilarity.

I'll leave it there but if you ever get the chance then have a quick gander at my YouTube channel and check out the lesser known videos!


  1. Haha Worms video is my favourite

  2. Lol i feel like playing worms now lulz at the donkey moment