Monday, 6 June 2011

Global war on drugs a failure (still)

Again and again we hear reports that the war on drugs is failing. Surely if marijuana was legalised then the savings from drug related law enforcement combined with the income generated from the taxation of legal marijuana would be an incredible boon to any government providing the means to educate and rehabilitate drug abusers and addicts as opposed to incarcerating the otherwise innocent majority for recreational smoking whilst at the same time taking a source of income away from organised crime.

In my opinion the recreational smoking of marijuana is far less harmful than the prevalently legal alcohol. I don't think I've ever had to deal with an aggressive stoner on a night out. I believe that marijuana could become more popular than alcohol over time if legalised and would definitely provide a better atmosphere across the country.

Smoke too much weed and you just get hungry and/or pass out, if you're really unlucky then you pull a whitey which can be cured in advance by drinking water and eating mints when the first signs appear. Worst case scenario, you throw up. You'll feel just fine afterwards however. Drinking too much alcohol on the other hand... well I think we all have our own personal stories with that drug. Infact I find marijuana to be an ideal hangover cure on the rare occasion that I get drunk enough to warrant it.

Regardless it seems as though this article, much like every article before it regarding the same issue, has already been buried and is in the process of being forgotten. Maybe I'll see the decriminalisation of marijuana in the UK within my lifetime. Hell if I'm lucky I may even see a complete legalisation of the drug, but that's being a bit hopeful.


If you wish to watch an interesting documentary detailing how marijuana became illegal in the United States of America then have a gander below:

If this doesn't interest you then please refer to the image below:


  1. What a cute pig.
    Honestly, because I don't do drugs, such issues don't really bother me.

  2. this is a blog mmmm

  3. I think the state has a decent bit of revenue to be generated from drugs like marijuana, which are much less harmful that alcohol.

  4. from a common person perspective it makes loads of sense to legalize marijuana.

    HOWEVER, there are many big companies (like the pharmacy industry) that are against it. Marijuana could replace many pharma drugs.

  5. What a cute little pig. Too bad hes gonna be eaten one day. :/